What it's like on election day when you have an anxiety disorder...

So. Big day today, yeah? For those unaware, I am unabashedly liberal. I loved Bernie, but when given our two options, Hillz all the way. Still, today is a BIG day. It's a scary day! It's an exciting day! It's the kind of day that makes people with anxiety lose there ever loving minds.  

Here's a little glimpse into what November 8th, 2016 has been for me.... 

Stage 1: Anxiety about what I should wear.


Should I wear blue? Should I do my make up? I'm going to have to take the ceremonious "I voted" selfie. Man I wish I had bought a "Nasty Woman" shirt. Damn! I'M LATE FOR SCHOOL!


Stage 2: I VOTED!


HELL YEAH! I just got to vote for a woman president! This is awesome! Go Hillary! Go U.S.! Hooray for voting! Thanks. Susan B!


Stage 3: Fear Snapping

Today is really happening. Today people are ACTUALLY VOTING. OH MY GAWDUH. 


Stage 4: Believing in the best-case scenario.

She's got this. We've got this. It's going to be ok. Girls Rule. Deal with it. 


Lol. It's been a roller coaster over in this brain, to say the least! Hope you're all holding up and prepping for the craziness that is MURICA in an election year. Best of luck to this strange but awesome country of ours!


Lauren B