Meditation and Depression

Hey there, friends and neighbors! (Any Stephen King fans out there? I know. OBSCURE. SORRY.) I'm happy to report that I'm feeling better today. Depression, like the ocean, has its high tides and its low. I've managed to find myself with my head back above the water and meditation is one of the reasons why. So for my first post about a technique that I use to manage my MDD (major depressive disorder), lets talk about meditating. 


What is meditation? Well, it's a little different for everyone. Some meditate through prayer, some meditate in silence, some use meditation jewelry, some use apps (God I love technology) and some use art and other physical activities.

Meditation is a way to calm the mind. The goal is to become quiet within yourself; to find peace, energy, and rejuvenation.  

I have found that the meditation that works best for me is one that has a helper. Trying to quiet the mind with un-medicated ADD (attention deficit disorder) is like trying to focus on a really complicated TV show while someone else keeps changing the channel. In other words- nigh impossible. But meditation accessories help! Depending on where I'm at in my day I use either my yoga mala, or the app Meditation Studio to help me get some zen. 

Meditation studio (and apps like it, for you android peeps) offer guided meditations. I find these invaluable. Meditation Studio offers guided meditations in categories like anxiety, stress, motherhood (one of my FAVES), relationships and sleep, from 27 different meditation experts.

Fighting with your spouse/partner? There's a meditation for that.

Getting ready to give a big presentation? There's a meditation for that.

Doing yoga savasana? There's a meditation for that. 

Need a mom's time out?  Yep. There's one for that, too.

I find this app to be 100% worth the price, and I know people who can't live without their Headspace subscription.  

Next, my yoga mala is one of my most precious pieces of jewelry. A mala usually consists of 108 beads, used to help you track how many times you've repeated your current mantra. For a video of how to hold and use a mala physically, check out my instagram @balancing_imbalance. 

Yoga malas are not just token beads though, they are physical manifestations of intentions you have set for yourself. My first two real malas (ones that weren't just cute boho accessories) came from Mama Malas; a beautiful company with beautiful energy. 

" Mala beads are meditation necklaces that are used to recite an affirmation or mantra, and are a tangible reminder of your intentions." -Mama Malas

There are tons of mala makers out there- from etsy shops to big companies to even little ol' me! I have chosen two malas from Mama Malas, and have a subscription to Mending Malas, because the additional intention of mindful motherhood really speaks to me. But malas are definitely not exclusive to mamas, and there are so many beautiful choices out there!

My mala (the playful mama mala for the curious) is so helpful for me, because all I have to do is reach up and touch the stones to remind myself of my affirmations and intentions. These last couple of days my meditation mantra has been "I am enough," and every time I start to feel like I'm not, I hold the guru stone, remember to breathe, and feel immediate comfort. 

Do you have a meditation practice? I would love to hear about it! I'm fairly new to meditation and am still learning, but I think it is a very important tool to keep in your pocket, especially if anxiety has its claws in you. 

I hope you found this post helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions about my personal meditation practice. I'd love to chat. 

From my light to yours, namaste. 

-Lauren B